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  • DJ BUNKEN MIX CD -Monthly hot wave FM channel 4.17 take.1-
1.One Twelve/U Already Know(Remix)feat.Foxy Brown 2.John Legend/Number One feat.Kanye West 3.Common/The Corner feat.The Last Poets 4.Radio Talking#1.Hosted NAPA-J 5.Kanye West/Diamonds 6.NORE/Hang Hang feat.Lil Jon 7.Young Gunz/Set It Off 8.Cassidy/B-Boy Stance 9.Cassidy/I'm A Hustla(Remix)feat.Mary J.Blige 10.Mary J.Blige/Hate It Or Love It feat.The Game&50 Cent 11.R.Kelly/Playa's Only feat.The Game 12.Chris Brown/Run It! 13.Mario/Call The Cops 14.Jennifer Lopez/Hold You Down feat.Fat Joe 15.Fat Joe/Get It Poppin' feat.Nelly 16.Mariah Carey/It's Like That(Remix)feat.Fat Joe 17.Mariah Carey/Secretlove 18.Radio Talking#2.Hosted NAPA-J 19.Tony Yayo/So Seductive feat.50 Cent 20.Snoop Dogg/Bang Out 21.Jae Millz/I Like That 22.Missy Elliott/On&On 23.Mashonda/Blackout feat.Nas 24.Nas/American Way feat.Kelis 25.Q-Tip/For The Nasty feat.Busta Rhymes 26.Busta Rhymes/Get Down feat.Rah Digga&Rampage 27.Ghostface Killah/Milk Em feat.Trife 28.ODB/Operator 29.Redman/Gillahouse Check 30.Radio Talking#3.Hosted NAPA-J 31.LB/All Rise feat.Wayne Marshall
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